To: You. From: My Butt.

15-11-2017 12:30 PM | slate | 0 similar news

A few months ago, my dad texted me a strange scribble, which I thought looked a bit like a knife sharing the canvas with a dot. A co-worker disagreed: She thought it resembled “the index finger of God … pointing down at a peon as if to punish them. (read more)

Oculus Whiffed

21-11-2017 10:35 PM | slate | similar news

A year and a half was how long Kenny Moore expected to serve in Maine State Prison when he was found guilty of aggravated assault, burglary, and theft as a teenager. He spent the next two decades in and out of prison on compounding charges, five of those years in solitary confinement. (read more)

The Ghosts of Internet Past

21-11-2017 9:16 PM | slate | similar news

When I set up my first Xbox Live account years ago, I made the questionable decision to do so under my own name. Having heard stories of virtual abuse in online games, I naïvely imagined that the choice would keep me—and maybe those I planned to interact with—honest. (read more)

Get ready to say goodbye to the open internet. Today, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission shared a draft of the rules that will undo the agency’s network neutrality policy that was passed in 2015. (read more)

Anatomy of a Car Crash

21-11-2017 6:04 PM | slate | similar news

Car crashes are mysteries. Even though roughly 6 million of them happen each year in the United States alone, we seldom learn much. (read more)


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