Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan said Start-Up NY has failed to produce the jobs the Cuomo administration predicted. . (read more)

The company will pay $1.4 million restitution and fines and dissolve under the terms of its wire fraud conspiracy plea deal. (read more)

An anti-Semitic vandal etched swastikas on at least two cars in Brooklyn Wednesday, police said (read more)

Two guinea pigs mysteriously appeared on the steps of a church during the funeral for a soldier who died saving people from a deadly fire (read more)

“It’s not good knowing somebody won’t have a home tonight.”. (read more)

He was lit — so he decided to light up a Brooklyn barber shop (read more)

Prosecutors agreed to release Richard (Cristiano) Rivera on his own recognizance (read more)

I was in school, during class, and had a thought, but not even. It materialized for half a second, not long enough to be called a thought. (read more)

The protest came on the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader Malcolm X (read more)

A raging wacko inexplicably attacked a carpenter who was on his way home from work on a subway train in Manhattan Wednesday (read more)

A top aide to Mayor de Blasio tried to arrange “knowingly false” testimony under oath at a City Council hearing (read more)

City paying more to shelter the homeless

22-2-2018 12:54 AM | nydailynews | similar news

As the cost of housing homeless New Yorkers has soared, the city is picking up more of the tab (read more)

The captain turned himself in Wednesday to face charges over the alleged coverup, authorities said (read more)

The tennis pro strode onto a different court before she told Brooklyn federal jurors of a fall that forced her from the 2015 U.S. (read more)

A $90,000 crony position proved too much for the wife of a former top Gov. Cuomo aide on trial for corruption. (read more)

The ex-teacher and his twin brother accused of making bombs in their Bronx home exchanged ominous texts about the Las Vegas mass murderer (read more)


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