Lawyers for the racist Army veteran charged with killing a black man in Times Square said it's too soon to commit to a psychiatric defense (read more)

A immigrant, trapped inside a sanctuary church by her fight to stay in the land of the free, deserves a review of her case, supporters said (read more)

Two men accused of firing the stray bullets that killed two young moms have been ordered held without bail (read more)

The NYPD opened an investigation into allegations that cops at two commands rebuffed a straphanger trying to file a report (read more)

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is on the money, but a Bronx lawmaker thinks his signature is a little off (read more)

"Bigs in Blue" pairs 20 cops with 20 students for monthly meetings to discuss essentials like career goals and life planning (read more)

Errant gunfire from Nazir (Stinky) Saunders and Anthony Alexander killed bystanders Chynna Battle and Shaqwanda Staley, cops said (read more)

“B----, you ain't nothing! I've raped white b-----s like you, f---ing c---!” the man yelled, according to victim Sam Saia (read more)

Calls for a shakeup at the city Housing Authority grew Thursday (read more)

Accused killer David Cruz was an “errand person” in an international marijuana ring, prosecutors said (read more)

Mayor de Blasio’s administration is looking to hire a consultant to study spots for new and expanded jails (read more)

The City Council is likely to pass one controversial police reform bill by the end of the year — but another bill is in jeopardy (read more)


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