Hillary Clinton is testing the waters on a return to academia (read more)

Police arrested a suspect caught on video in a harrowing Brooklyn home invasion that left a 91-year-old man bound and dead on the floor (read more)

A grand jury has indicted a heartless driver caught on video leaving his doomed gal pal trapped inside his burning car after he crashed (read more)

Tony Laino’s mother reached the deal on Oct. 13, nearly five years after her son was killed. (read more)

Paul Ryan made fun of a lot of people at the Al Smith dinner, including himself, but he saved the best of his lighthearted barbs for Trump (read more)

Mourners filled a Brooklyn church Thursday to honor a 91-year-old man who died after being tied up in a heartless home invasion (read more)

Evan Wald, 43, pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court (read more)

The hip hop mogul took a break Thursday from the noise of civic activism to promote a little peace and quiet — well, peace, anyway (read more)

“We have to go after the businesses. They are profiting by violating the law,” the mayor said. (read more)

He’s no Mayor Quimby, but Mayor de Blasio will still get a chance to be part of Springfield history (read more)

Mayor de Blasio says he’ll try to stop self-driving cars in their tracks (read more)

Rosemarie Barnett, 55, and Tashana, 30, were charged with computer tampering, grand larceny and falsifying business records (read more)


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