In shocking news out of the Bay Area, the Golden State Warriors indicated on Wednesday that the team will start Duke product and G-League star Quinn Cook in Stephen Curry’s absence for the foreseeable future.“We’re going to start Quinn Cook and we’ll bring Shaun off the bench just because we would like to watch Shaun’s minutes and this way, bringing him off the bench, we need to have him there at (read more)

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10 NBA stars we'd love to see traded

12-12-2017 1:05 AM | yardbarker | similar news

Star power is a necessity to compete for championships, but big-name players don’t automatically result in success. And while talent is imperative, not every location or role is conducive to bringing out the best of an individual. (read more)


Champions League draw is set

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Monday morning is here, football fans. But it’s not just any Monday morning. (read more)


The NBA season is still taking shape but this is a nice time to take stock of different teams and players at varying levels of success. Victor Oladipo’s big week earns the Pacers a few appearances on the list but the headliner is Cavs/Wizards on Sunday. (read more)


The Exploding Heads wrap up a wild matchday 16 in England with Premier League in 90 seconds (plus stoppages). Manchester United and Manchester City are not the first clubs to engage in a bust-up in the tunnel at the end of a game. (read more)


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