Giancarlo Stanton is one of the most talented players to ever compete in Major League Baseball, but that does not mean a team is going to risk the entire future of its franchise just to acquire the slugger.The Marlins have already begun shopping Stanton in trade talks, and at least a handful of teams have interest in the 28-year-old. (read more)

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Multiple current Florida Gators tweeted the same exact emoji on Sunday night at just about the exact same time, leading to a bunch of speculation and questions. What were they tweeting about?First, here are five Florida players tweeting the emoji with a finger to the chin: Here’s a Florida recruit, WR Anthony Schwartz directly referencing the Chip Kelly report: All the chatter around Gainesville i (read more)


Philadelphia 76ers rookie point guard Markelle Fultz has already missed over two weeks with a shoulder injury and could be out quite a bit longer.According to Sam Amico, the Sixers aren’t expecting Fultz back for another two or three weeks. (read more)


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