For Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Monday’s meeting at the White House with Donald Trump went pretty much as well as possible. Trump promised that any change in the binational trade relationship would be a “tweak,” while Trudeau got a meme-able moment of subtle resistance to Trump, when he refused to succumb to the president’s overbearing handshake. (read more)

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Trump’s Great Pyramid

21-2-2017 6:06 PM | slate | similar news

During the depths of the Great Recession, Donald Trump counted among his many income sources a side gig as a pitchman for ACN Inc., a company whose “members” sold newfangled videophones and other products. (read more)


Tax Day is around the corner and Ivanka Trump has been ordered to pay up (read more)


Kevin Garnett joins the many basketball players who criticize AAU basketball (read more)


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