We may never know for sure whether the graphic, detailed allegations of sexual abuse reported about Roy Moore are true. It seems entirely plausible, though, that the accusations of horrid and criminal assault allegedly committed decades ago by Moore against—among others—a then-14-year-old girl are correct. (read more)

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Moore has struggled in recent seasons, but enjoyed a couple big years with the Rays (read more)


Nick Saban has made his feelings known about the early signing day in the past, but on Friday he couldn’t help further express his displeasure. The early signing day means players can sign with schools on Dec. (read more)


States’ Rights No More

15-12-2017 6:20 PM | slate | similar news

Last week, the House GOP passed a gun bill that has been uniformly condemned by law enforcement leaders across the country. These lawmakers brushed off the impassioned pleas of police leaders for one simple reason: The legislation—known as the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act—is the No. (read more)


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