WASHINGTON — With the Republican drive to craft a new health care plan sputtering, House GOP leaders are offering options to rank-and-file lawmakers for replacing President Barack Obama's health care law with a conservative approach dominated by tax breaks and a transition away from today's Medicaid program. . (read more)

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WASHINGTON — Making a final push, President Donald Trump said he doesn't think congressional Republicans are "that far off" on a health overhaul to replace "the dead carcass of Obamacare." Expressing frustration, he complained about "the level of hostility" in government and wondered why both parties can't work together on the Senate bill …. (read more)


Senate Republican leaders face growing criticism from inside and outside forces (read more)


Senators on both sides of the aisle Sunday agreed the GOP health care replacement bill needs much more treatment (read more)


Long Island doctors, caught between rising costs and lower insurance reimbursements, are increasingly giving up ownership of their practices to big health systems (read more)


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