The NFL has not controlled the narrative regarding Ryan Shazier’s injury. Shazier is the one who has been in charge of his story since the moment he was carted off the field in Cincinnati. (read more)

HBO releases first trailer for 'Paterno'

22-1-2018 10:38 PM | sportingnews | similar news

HBO has released its first teaser trailer for Paterno, the upcoming film about the late Penn State football coach and the Jerry Sandusky scandal, which stars Al Pacino (read more)

The former Arizona coach has had another claim filed against him, alleging, among other things, slander, defamation and false light (read more)

Baker, 21, was shot during an altercation at a party kicking off the new semester (read more)

After he was demoted from starting in the playoffs, Bridgewater is now considering life outside Minnesota (read more)

There are plenty of talented quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl — but only one who can claim the top spot (read more)

Sporting News breaks down the top storyline of every position at the Senior Bowl (read more)

Foles showed no sign of injury throughout Sunday's game as he completed 26 of 33 passes for 352 yards and three touchdowns (read more)

DeAndre Jordan's name has been linked with a few teams ahead of the trade deadline (read more)

The Timberwolves will be without Butler and Jamal Crawford Monday against the Clippers (read more)

After an impressive victory over the defending champion Warriors, the Rockets are hoping to avoid a letdown against a scrappy Heat team. Here's what you need to know ahead of Monday's matchup. (read more)

Kobe Bryant's 81-point game against the Raptors will be remembered for a number of different reasons. We're here to help you experience the legendary performance from multiple angles. (read more)

A new system put in place to return the prestige of NBA All-Star voting has somehow managed to result in more odd selections (read more)

Robyn Hayward posted a short video to Instagram late Sunday of Hayward inside an empty gym knocking down 3-pointers (read more)

Rondo originally said he would not be inviting Allen to the celebration (read more)

Irving dropped 40 points on the Magic on Sunday, but the Celtics were still defeated at home (read more)


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