Liverpool fans face an anxious spell over the coming weeks after the Brazil international refused to rule out a transfer to Camp Nou (read more)

Los Blancos are keen to secure their third title of the season, having already claimed the UEFA Super Cup and Supercopa de Espana (read more)

Fresh off a World Series win, the Astros are not resting on their laurels this offseason (read more)

Boston added Morris this offseason in a trade with the Pistons (read more)

Brandon Morrow last handled ninth-inning duties with regularity close to a decade ago, when he earned 16 saves between the 2008 and 2009 seasons in Seattle (read more)

The Brewers are searching for starting pitching help this offseason (read more)

The Orioles may try to resurrect Matt Harvey's career as they seek pitching help (read more)

Stanton didn't hold anything back in talking about his former team Monday, saying the Marlins have "No structure. No direction. (read more)

From a wins-and-losses perspective, 2017 wasn’t great for the Phillies. Yet it can be argued that this past season was a success for Philadelphia, and that it is on track to have a big year in 2018. (read more)

Neshek pitched for the Phillies at the start of the 2017 season (read more)

The Nationals suffered another disappointing early exit from the postseason this year (read more)

The Yankees may not be done shopping even after landing Giancarlo Stanton (read more)

Imprudent decisions stemming from unpreparedness and/or unwillingness to take advice from someone with experience in the role show Derek Jeter as business executive is not a natural fit (read more)

Stanton cited a "young dynamic group" as his reason for choosing New York after potential deals with the Giants and Cardinals fell through (read more)

The Marlins co-owner denied the team had been backed into a bad deal after Stanton nixed potential trades to the Giants and Cardinals (read more)

Pairing Giancarlo Stanton with Aaron Judge gives the Yankees an imposing 1-2 punch in the middle of the lineup that could go down as one of the best in MLB history (read more)


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