The Eagles quarterback was notified of the trade after it was completed, but before it was announced (read more)

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The Dodgers announced they have acquired Curtis Granderson in a trade with the Mets (read more)


Derrick Rose and Rudy Gay are among this offseason's free agents who may find life difficult on their new teams (read more)


Dalvin Cook and Chris Carson were the backfield stars Friday (read more)


The Angle: Kaep Won Edition

19-8-2017 1:09 AM | slate | similar news

Sticking it out: Colin Kaepernick has had a tough year. His anthem protest has triggered the most conservative feelings of NFL owners and fans, and he remains jobless. (read more)


Paul Owens still struggles to understand why he was a victim of last year's elevator crash at the city's Criminal Justice Center. His lawyer says the problems may be larger than just one city building. (read more)


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