Deer farmers can sell urine for up to $110 a gallon. Hunters use it to mask their scent and draw in trophy bucks. (read more)

A lane reduction will clear space for parking-protected bike lanes, a wish-list item for street safety advocates (read more)

Art has already been moved to Christie's auction house in New York and is being readied for sale in mid-April. But students and faculty remain unhappy about the La Salle decision to sell off many of the museum's best holdings. (read more)

A recent audit of the Philadelphia Parking Authority found that the agency was owed $76.8 million in uncollected parking fines since 2012. (read more)

Robert Covington's go-ahead three-pointer against the Nets comes in the midst of a resurgence (read more)

Joel Embiid is more efficient in the opening minutes than he is late in the game (read more)

Frank Nutile is the No. 1 QB entering spring, although he is not complacent, knowing if he lets up, others can take advantage of the chance. (read more)


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