White nationalists "came for combat," said Rodney Muhammad, president of Philadelphia's NAACP branch (read more)

The Vikes began looking ahead to the NFC title game, but the amazing catch that saved their season lingered (read more)

You might see a lot of German Shepherds in the stands at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday watching the Eagles take on the Vikings in the NFC Championship game (read more)

The Big East might be the highest-scoring conference in the country, and it's not because no one can play defense (read more)

GoPuff, the four-year-old on-demand delivery start-up founded by former Drexel students, continues to target millennial-rich enclaves and will begin delivering snacks, ice cream, and household essentials to Ardmore and Bethlehem later this month (read more)

At times, maybe Gov. Christie wanted to win - to be relevant, to enjoy the perks of power and celebrity - too much. (read more)

Members of the Pagan's Motorcycle Club have been implicated in a drug ring with an Atlantic County doctor authorities say hired them to kill his wife (read more)

The mini-cake doughnuts are about a third larger than a Dunkin Donuts Munchkin (read more)

These three multi-million-dollar homes feature indoor pools so lovely that January will seem like a distant memory (read more)


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