Roughly 100 New Yorkers rallied after a neo-Nazi maniac plowed his car through a crowd of peaceful marchers in Charlottesville, Va (read more)

UPenn student reportedly stabbed 20 times

16-1-2018 9:26 AM | nydailynews | similar news

Authorities are investigating the stabbing death as a possible act of rage, according to the Orange County Register (read more)

Nobody could have foreseen Case Keenum's dramatic rise. Nobody except for Jon Gruden, that is. (read more)

A staircase at Mar-a-Lago, along with the club's smoke detectors posed a threat to public health and safety, according to state records (read more)

A mutt from Westchester County who heroically served in World War II finally got his day of glory (read more)

Colombian officials say 10 workers died after a bridge they were building outside the nation's capital collapsed (read more)

Two more women have accused stunt coordinator Joel Kramer of sexual assault following similar allegations from actress Eliza Dushku (read more)

Curtis Granderson isn't ready to hang it up just yet – and he'll be returning to the AL East in 2018 (read more)

As elected official after elected official spoke in honor of Martin Luther King Day there was a common target of derision: President Trump (read more)

A Maryland pastor denounced President Trump’s “shithole countries” comment before God, his congregation and Vice President Pence (read more)

Amid a wave of sexual assault accusations, Kevin Spacey faces a new claim of racism on set of “House of Cards.”. (read more)

It's apparently not just Russia that the Trump administration has to worry about (read more)

A North Carolina mother fatally injured her two kids before jumping off a bridge her death on a highway Saturday, authorities said (read more)

Earlier this offseason, the following scenario seemed plausible: Shohei Otani to the Yankees and Giancarlo Stanton to the Giants (read more)

The expectation is for the Giants to hire current Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur once his season comes to an end (read more)

A Georgia firefighter was captured on video making a dramatic catch when a child was thrown from a burning apartment (read more)


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