If coaching football doesn’t work out for Ben McAdoo, he has a second career waiting for him as a tabloid sports editor (read more)

Daniel Fox, the keyboard player for metal band Marilyn Manson, was reportedly arrested early Monday for possession of marijuana (read more)

Viral sensation Emanuel Zayas has died after undergoing surgery to remove a massive tumor from his face (read more)

The Senate voted on the spending bill at noon Monday, with a DACA vote to potentially come in the new few weeks (read more)

It's the Acela Super Bowl with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady going for ring No. 6 and the Eagles going for … um … ring No. (read more)

Princess Eugenie is engaged to be married later this year, several months after her cousin Prince Harry takes a bride (read more)

Many Eagles fans celebrated Sunday's NFC Championship win by getting drunk, including Charles Barkley (read more)

A good government group filed complaints against President Trump’s campaign (read more)

As the Knicks plot out their future during this downtrending season, a particular mold of player remains a priority: an athletic wing (read more)

The man got caught because he couldn’t pay the toll, officials said (read more)

After nearly a full year of delays, Amazon Go is finally opening to the public in Seattle, Washington on Monday (read more)

Kelly also slammed Fonda over the outrage she sparked during the Vietnam War (read more)

The nominees for the 38th annual Gold Raspberry Awards were announced Monday, highlighting the very worst Tinsel Town had to offer in 2017 (read more)

China wants to make sure the revolution will not be televised (read more)

The Vikings had no answers to stopping the Eagles Sunday and Crisco couldn't hold back Philadelphia fans either (read more)

By the time officers arrived at the scene — the popular Eagle's Nest cave in Florida — the victim, later identified as Davin Brannon, was dead (read more)


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