Matt Lauer will keep at least a little screen time despite being accused of sexual misconduct (read more)

Homme kicked a female photographer in the face Saturday night during his band's set at the KROQ Almost Christmas concert in Los Angeles (read more)

Three women who have publicly accused President Trump of sexual harassment will tell their stories in a morning interview Monday (read more)

A woman stabbed a teen in his stomach on a Penn Station subway platform Sunday — then hopped into a subway car and disappeared (read more)

The NFL almost had its own version of the Malice at the Palace on Sunday (read more)

Faith in Frank Ntilikina and small ball ultimately paid off for the Knicks. But a victory over the lowly Hawks didn't come easy. (read more)

Josh McCown broke his hand during the Jets’ 23-0 loss to the Broncos on Sunday (read more)

“Hi, this is President Donald Trump and I need Alabama to go vote for Roy Moore,” Trump said in the recording (read more)

Keaton Jones couldn’t understand why he was being bullied at his Tennessee school (read more)

The Giants went back to 10 alright on Sunday: that's 10 points with No. 10 Eli Manning leading the offense. (read more)

The surgeon was home with his 11-year-old daughter when police found him dead inside his bathroom (read more)

Sen. Cory Booker called on President Trump to resign from office over sexual harassment allegations made by several women against him. (read more)

A police officer settling an argument between bickering neighbors fired a shot Sunday morning, authorities said (read more)

The French and Israeli leaders sparred verbally Sunday over the U.S. (read more)

Gorga and Cohen have been hit with a $30 million lawsuit from Gorga's former business partner, who says the pair destroyed her reputation (read more)

Nikki Haley said Sunday that the women who’ve accused President Trump of sexual misconduct “should be heard.”. (read more)


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