That simple, singular act certainly represented hope and optimism (read more)

The Mets brought in Jason Vargas to insure against injuries to their rotation (read more)

President Trump continued waging war with his fired FBI leaders Sunday, claiming they’ve lied under oath and kept bias memos about him (read more)

An Uber driver was shot multiple times inside his car in the Bronx early Saturday by a passenger who robbed him of $23, police said (read more)

The universe of the Syfy series "exists in shades of grey," says one star. "There are no mustache-twirling villains, no golden heroes. (read more)

The governor wants to increase the maximum waiting period from three to 10 days, the Daily News has learned (read more)

Reggae singer Shaggy, who did a President Trump video spoof with TV's James Corden, has made an album with British performer Sting (read more)

On June 2, 2018, thousands of runners are expected to show up in glow-in-the-dark clothing for a nighttime 5K run in Naperville, Ill (read more)

An Austin concert set to star The Roots was abruptly canceled because of an unspecified “security concern.". (read more)

"The program that I propose for the country is the right one," Russia's Vladimir Putin said while casting his vote (read more)

JJudge played five innings in left field during a Class A minor-league game on Saturday (read more)

City firefighter Thomas Phelan, a hero who evacuated hundreds of people on 9/11 while working as a ferry captain, has died (read more)

An employee working on-site has been identified as one of the six people killed after a bridge collapsed onto the busy highway below (read more)

Prince Harry is picking romance over riches — rejecting a prenup that would protect his royal fortune (read more)

Asia Argento and fellow members of Hollywood voiced their disgust for "Monthy Python" member Terry Gilliam (read more)

One of Staten Island’s most prized historical possessions — the Alice Austen House — takes a special bow during Women’s History Month (read more)


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