It was the Knicks’ biggest blown lead since 1991-92, when teams started tracking the stat (read more)

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The biggest drop in Walmart's stock in 30 years and losses in other sectors pulled U.S. (read more)


Fans at the debut of Jimmy Buffet’s Broadway musical wanted to waste away in Magaritaville, but the bar ran out of booze (read more)


It’s no secret that Kentucky and Louisville basketball fans have a strong dislike for one another, and their teams in general. Well, one Kentucky fan wasted no time whatsoever capitalizing on the news that the NCAA has vacated Louisville’s wins, records and championship from 2011-15 when Rick Pitino was still at the helm in the wake of the school’s recent scandal. (read more)


Washington Wizards superstar John Wall revealed this week that he intends to re-enroll at the University of Kentucky this coming summer to complete coursework so he can earn his bachelor’s degree in business.Wall said the motivation to return to college to get his degree stems from a promise made to his father, who died when the NBA star was eight yeas old. (read more)


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