The bookmakers have set the over/under at 25 ½ which, contrary to logic and reason, isn't the Knicks win total for the 2017-18 season (read more)

A judge ordered the hearing in the case of a bodega clerk suing the city (read more)

The mother and her infant were forced to sleep in the airport to catch the first flight out in the morning (read more)

A state prosecutor said evidence led them to conclude Lt. Collins was "murdered because of his race. (read more)

The league wants to help players in their political activism — in the face of Trump’s criticism of the quiet protests (read more)

It was a comeback for the ages — by a young and hungry team that simply never quits (read more)

Prison staff used an inmate as bait to nab a corrections officer — and then lashed out at her for refusing to testify in the probe (read more)

You didn't need to see Gordon Hayward's mangled left leg to know the extent of his injury (read more)

A Florida Congresswoman slammed Trump's response, saying, "It's so insensitive. He should not have said that. (read more)

Rangers fall in 5-4 overtime loss to Penguins, drop to 1-5-1 (read more)

Aaron Judge sparked Yankees’ rally, now Yankees need him to help win ALCS (read more)

Skeet Ulrich says Harvey Weinstein’s alleged transgressions weren’t as secret as he — and Hollywood — would have you believe (read more)

Gordon Hayward’s Celtics debut lasted just five minutes after colliding with LeBron James mid-air (read more)

Erinn Hayes has been quiet about getting axed from “Kevin Can Wait,” but the actress’ Twitter account tells a different story (read more)

Jennifer Lawrence had a disturbing early experience in Hollywood when a female producer "humiliated" her about her size (read more)

A Georgia doctor said she was stopped from singing the national anthem to honor a slain soldier on her flight (read more)


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