Accused Chelsea bomber Ahmad Rahimi's defense lawyers are expected to present closing arguments on Friday morning (read more)

“This all came together in a special way, and that’s why I like to say it’s his last lesson to me,” Ed Maar told the Daily News (read more)

Michael Bennett and seven other Seahawks continued to sit out the national anthem, while Olivier Vernon kneeled for the Giants (read more)

A man was caught on video shoving a woman standing on a train station platform onto railroad tracks in Hong Kong Saturday morning (read more)

Four women believe that campaign donations allowed a demented Columbia University gynecologist to avoid jail time (read more)

A drunken box truck driver tried to steal an FDNY truck after crashing into seven vehicles in Hell’s Kitchen on Sunday (read more)

An Ohio cop responding to a domestic dispute call was fatally shot before another cop shot the gunman dead Saturday night (read more)

Officers shot and wounded a person while responding to a stabbing in Harlem on Sunday night, police sources said (read more)

An Upstate dad thanked police for rescuing his daughter and another girl from accused Brooklyn pimps as details of their ordeal emerged (read more)

Despite falling in Game 7 of the ALCS, the Yankees had a remarkable 2017 season filled with memorable moments (read more)

Carlson slammed her former network a day after the New York Times reported executives were aware of the settlement when it resigned the since-fired O’Reilly in February to a four-year, $100 million deal (read more)

The Jets closed the feel-good chapter of this peculiar season with an epic meltdown filled with stupidity, human error and petulance (read more)

The Yankees finally ran out of comebacks in this postseason, long after logic said they should (read more)

So this was a Yankee season that ended the way a World Series ended for them in Phoenix, Ariz. one time, a long time ago. (read more)


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