The “Charmed” actress had her account suspended while tweeting about the Harvey Weinstein scandal (read more)

The universe of the Syfy series "exists in shades of grey," says one star. "There are no mustache-twirling villains, no golden heroes. (read more)

“Wait!? Where do I get a hold of that tie?!” Scaramucci tweeted after Bill Hader's impression during the cold open. . (read more)

The alleged hoaxer, Trevor Ingram, was arrested hours after Live Nation received a bomb threat. . (read more)

Adam Scott revealed that Aziz Ansari is "doing great" after he was accused by a photographer of sexual misconduct during a date gone awry (read more)

Prince Harry is picking romance over riches — rejecting a prenup that would protect his royal fortune (read more)

Asia Argento and fellow members of Hollywood voiced their disgust for "Monthy Python" member Terry Gilliam (read more)

Kim Kardashian vows to always be flawless — even if she's on her death bad (read more)

One of the nuns involved in a legal battle with Katy Perry over the sale of their convent says the process has left her broke (read more)

The irony of Donald Trump becoming President while Billy Bush lost his job wasn’t lost on the former TV host (read more)

Living your truth out loud is good for you — and the people around you, "Love, Simon" reminds. . (read more)


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