The next season of "Transparent" is a pilgrimage — for both the Pfefferman family and the viewers (read more)

Actress Cynthia Nixon on Monday made it official — she is challenging Gov. Cuomo in this year’s Democratic primary. (read more)

The R&B star surrendered to LAPD at a station in Hollywood with his lawyer Shawn Holley (read more)

Wendy Williams made an emotional return to her talk show Monday after stepping away for three weeks to deal with health concerns (read more)

Tony-winning Broadway stars have joined forces — and voices — for an urgent cause (read more)

A retired FDNY firefighter whose culinary skills brought him TV accolades as the beloved “Firehouse Chef” has died (read more)

Vice President Mike Pence is likely to be hopping mad that his family's pet bunny finds the same-sex partner of his dreams (read more)

FX’s new series about the Getty family isn’t up to snuff, claims Ariadne Getty (read more)

Jim Carrey, who’s trying out a second career as an artist, seems to have taken a not-so-subtle dig at the White House press secretary (read more)

"There's a real issue and our government doesn't want to deal with it," G-Eazy said. "They want to keep blaming it on something else. (read more)

"Black Panther" has become the first film since 2000's "Avatar" to top the weekend box office five straight weekends (read more)

Living your truth out loud is good for you — and the people around you, "Love, Simon" reminds. . (read more)


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