The Trump administration may be shifting its stance on the Paris Agreement, according to statements from a top European Union official that have emerged during a summit in Canada. . (read more)

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Trump and O'Day met on the set of "Celebrity Apprentice" in 2011, according to multiple reports. The alleged affair continued into 2012. (read more)


Alex Cobb threw 179 1/3 innings and posted a 3.66 ERA in 2017. (read more)


Joe Biden wants to take the President 'behind the gym' for a rumble, but the President would rather shoot off insults from behind the keyboard (read more)


When administrators invited Lynnette Zelezny, a budding psychology lecturer at Cal State Fresno, to apply for a tenure-track job, she was excited — but there was a catch. She didn’t have her doctorate yet, and tenure-track jobs required one. (read more)


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