One dead after car ramming incident in Charlottesville, Va.: NBC. (read more)

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When I saw images of white supremacists raging through Charlottesville this past week, I was angered and saddened, but I was not surprised. I was raised in Forsyth County, Georgia, one of the most notorious “white counties” in America, and a place where mob violence was the law of the land for nearly a century. (read more)


The 16 members of the president’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities has become the latest group to abandon the president in protest at his response to the violence in Charlottesville, Va. last weekend, saying the “false equivalencies’ he is pushing cannot stand. (read more)


One day after suffering a broken scapula and a badly bruised sternum and ribs, crew chief Frankie Kerr was back at work in Bristol (read more)


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