These free and low-cost summer activities will keep your child busy and your bank balance where it should be. . (read more)

A new report said Elon Musk’s electric car company had contacted the major music labels about licensing a music service (read more)

A new book traces the roots of our runaway self-obsession to ancient Greece. . (read more)

Derek Carr signed a $125 million contract, but says he won’t buy anything extravagant and will continue to tithe. . (read more)

Much has been made about the death of stock picking, in the advent of exchange-traded funds and passive funds that track popular equity benchmarks. . (read more)

Avocado toast is the least of young Americans’ worries. . (read more)

Tech stocks and stabilizing commodity prices helped stocks in Asia start the week on an up note amid a lack of major data releases or other market catalysts. . (read more)

New research says platinum credit cards are more popular than those with identical benefits. . (read more)

As income stagnates, some people are struggling to put money aside. . (read more)

Organizers of the celebrations and activists are at odds over the growing presence of corporate sponsors. . (read more)

Funeral homes have come up with ways to make up for the money they missed out on by not selling as many caskets. . (read more)


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