The SE iPhone has a 4-inch display and seems like a bargain compared to Apple’s newest models. . (read more)

Parents may have ‘antiquated expectations’ for their kids. . (read more)

Civil unrest and terrorism over the last year have hurt the score of many cities. . (read more)

There are some things that good grades just can’t buy. . (read more)

Though it might seem as if the investor community is turning against dual-class share structures, there are still tough opponents who continue to argue for a founder-led approach. . (read more)

These consistent dividend payers have yields ranging from 5% to 12.5%. (read more)

Some companies in the ‘value’ camp are increasing sales rapidly while becoming more profitable, says Phil van Doorn. . (read more)

It isn’t just T-Mobile and Sprint customers who would feel the effects of such a deal. . (read more)

Investors can expect some more details about tax-reform goals next week from Washington but will have to wait longer to see legislation that would actually be voted on. . (read more)

Puerto Ricans have been warned to evacuate or risk their lives as Hurricane Maria barrels toward the U.S. (read more)

Puerto Ricans were warned to evacuate or risk their lives as Hurricane Maria barreled toward the U.S. (read more)

In a statement, the retailer said it intends to use bankruptcy proceedings “to restructure its outstanding debt and establish a sustainable capital structure that will enable it to invest in long-term growth.” . (read more)

Research looks at the impact of alcohol on finding and keeping a job. . (read more)

Kim Jong Un and President Trump are locked in a war of words. . (read more)

Dow on track for 2nd straight weekly gain as investors look past N. Korea threat. (read more)

Trump administration finalizes restrictions to replace travel ban (read more)


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