The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, are well underway, and the United States has already scored three gold medals as of Tuesday morning. But sometimes the most magical moments take place far from the competition venues — and some of the greatest performances aren’t even recognized. (read more)

A “politico” in a three-piece suit and gas mask was expected to recite the Gettysburg Address under the influence of laughing gas at the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Green Umbrella concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall on Tuesday night. The bodies of a couple of nude women on film were employed as. (read more)

SERIES The Bachelor Winter Games After two weeks and four episodes, this sports-themed version of the franchise concludes with a two-hour finale, 8 p.m. (read more)

If writer-producer Michel Grey and director Jason Pagnoni truly wanted to shed light on animal abuse, there was probably a more direct, effective way than within the bounds of such a frantic and dispiriting thriller as “Days of Power.” That’s not to say this cautionary tale of an international. (read more)

“Curvature” is a forgettable sci-fi thriller whose intriguing start gives way to an arcane, convoluted plot that fails to viscerally or emotionally engage. Director Diego Hallivis, writer Brian DeLeeuw and production designer Laura Miller work hard to distinguish their work, but it’s a case of. (read more)

Even celebrities sometimes need to do a little spring cleaning. Profiles in History recently announced “Love Liza: The Auction,” featuring more than 1,000 lots with items from Oscar-winning actress Liza Minnelli, as well as from her famous parents, Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli. (read more)

A federal judge in Los Angeles has dealt a serious setback to Walt Disney Co. in the studio’s ongoing legal battle to stop kiosk movie-rental company Redbox from selling digital download codes for its films. (read more)

Christians, conservatives, critics and others have commemorated religious leader Billy Graham, who died Wednesday at age 99. The reverend brought evangelism into the religious mainstream, and his broad influence was seen in the tributes on social media that followed the news of his death. (read more)

Trumpeter, record exec, philanthropist and artist Herb Alpert has been creating paintings and sculptures since the early 1970s. He finds a close connection between jazz and his abstract expressionist endeavors. (read more)


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