Slate News Quiz

19-1-2018 2:15 PM | slate | 0 similar news

Welcome back to Slate’s weekly news quiz. I’m your host, 74-time Jeopardy! winner Ken Jennings. (read more)


Americans work more than workers in any other nation in the industrialized world. And American mothers spend more time with their children than ever before. (read more)


The Angle: President Oprah Edition

10-1-2018 12:15 AM | slate | 0 similar news

Gutsy women at the Globes: In the first major Hollywood awards show in the post-#MeToo era, women made their presence and frustrations known. But one who undoubtedly made the biggest splash was none other than Oprah Winfrey. (read more)


Oprah? Really?

9-1-2018 10:19 PM | slate | 0 similar news

When world leaders came together in 2015 to settle on a framework for action on climate change, the resulting agreement set a goal of limiting the rise in global average temperatures from preindustrial levels to 2 degrees Celsius by 2100. The climatologist Michael Mann, voicing what has been the scientific consensus for some time, has warned that warming beyond that could lead to “environmental ru (read more)


Why Is It So Cold Outside?

6-1-2018 1:03 AM | slate | 0 similar news

If you’re east of the Mississippi, you’ve probably noticed it’s been pretty cold outside. Boston hasn’t seen anything above 30 degrees Fahrenheit since Christmas. (read more)


The Largest Known Prime Number

4-1-2018 10:54 PM | slate | 0 similar news

Update, Jan. 4, 2018: On Wednesday, the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search announced that a computer owned by Jonathan Pace in Germantown, Tennessee, discovered a new prime number. (read more)


No One Can Fire Logan Paul

4-1-2018 8:09 PM | slate | 0 similar news

After pissing off pretty much everyone on the internet by filming and joking about his encounter with the body of a man who’d hanged himself, YouTube star Logan Paul announced on Wednesday a hiatus from his daily vlog. “Taking time to reflect,” Paul tweeted—definitely not a bad idea for an influential but chronically scandal-plagued creator with reportedly millions to lose. (read more)


How much is it going to snow tomorrow? As a meteorologist, the bane of my existence is predicting snow. It is the most difficult forecast I make with dozens of different ways it can go wrong. (read more)


All Apple’s Apologies

4-1-2018 12:46 AM | slate | 0 similar news

Apple’s recent apology for not telling customers it was slowing down old iPhones was widely characterized as “rare,” including by me. But just how rare is it for Apple to apologize? Not as rare as you might think. (read more)


In 1832, horse racing was by far America’s most popular spectator sport. So when horses named Andrew Jackson and Nullifier appeared at the same racetrack in Richmond, Virginia, thousands of people saw their sporting and political interests overlap. (read more)


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