Scottish labour movement gets set for the fightback

22-4-2017 12:07 AM | morningstaronline | 10 similar news

Organising on the health service, education and rights of migrant workers will be among the top priorities, says DAVE MOXHAM (read more)

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Labour Hits at May over tuition fees

24-9-2017 12:54 PM | tribunemagazine | similar news

Labour’s conference opened in Brighton with Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell throwing down a challenge to the Government on tuition fees. But while the party leader accused the Government of . (read more)


Jeremy Corbyn avoided a potential clash over Brexit at Labour's annual conference after delegates agreed not to push the issue to a vote (read more)


Corbyn: EU market would stop Labour

24-9-2017 11:18 PM | morningstaronline | similar news

Leader makes clear that single market blocks nationalisation (read more)


You can’t be a pessimist and a socialist

25-9-2017 12:58 AM | morningstaronline | similar news

PAULINE BRYAN reviews Neil Findlay’s book on his leadership bid for the Scottish Labour Party and the independence referendum (read more)


Prepare government for the people – Jeremy Corbyn

24-9-2017 11:15 PM | morningstaronline | similar news

Labour finally offers hope, leader tells rally (read more)


Labour leader remains positive despite falling short of majority (read more)


Shadow chancellor says Labour would legislate to put a cap on private debts (read more)


The secret state is the real threat to democracy

25-9-2017 12:55 AM | morningstaronline | similar news

DAVE SMITH asks if anyone believes the anti-democratic political policing units will be impartial when Labour wins the next election (read more)


Butler pledges action to end period poverty

24-9-2017 11:20 PM | morningstaronline | similar news

LABOUR has vowed to end period poverty if it comes to power by giving out free sanitary products to schools, foodbanks and homeless shelters. Shadow women and equalities minister Dawn Butler launched the campaign at the Labour Women’s Conference on Saturday, arguing that if men. (read more)


DEREGULATION and privatisation are to blame for the Grenfell Tower inferno and justice must be served for the victims and survivors, Diane Abbott said at the Labour conference yesterday. The shadow home secretary insisted the fire, which was fuelled by combustible cladding installed on. (read more)


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