The world's most deadly fish are now enjoying a prime location in the Westcountry, but it will still be safe to swim in the sea.That's because the not so lethally sounding stonefish babies are safely behind glass at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay. (read more)

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A Grenfell Tower resident fears he will have to challenge others who lost their flats in the fire for new homes. . (read more)


This is how Tory Britain makes people homeless

21-8-2017 10:21 AM | morningstaronline | similar news

FELICITY COLLIER describes how a mother of two was kicked out of her home due to her council’s incompetence (read more)


Invaluable history of post-war squatting

21-8-2017 10:28 AM | morningstaronline | similar news

Squatting in Britain 1945-1955: Housing, Politics and Direct Action By Don Watson (Merlin Press, £16.99) BY THE end of the second world war, many British cities had been badly damaged. (read more)


Comedian and film star Jerry Lewis has died in his Las Vegas home at the age of 91. . (read more)


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