Beware the white backlash, Oprah

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Dotun Adebayo talks Oprah-mania Written By:  Dotun Adebayo WE WANT OPRAH! OPRAH 4 PRESIDENT! WE WANT OPRAH! OPRAH FOR PREZ! OPRAH FOR PREZ! They're chanting loud and proud stateside. OPRAH FOR PRESIDENT 2020! WE WANT (read more)

'I feel like a new hurdler today under my new coach' WORLD AND Olympic 110m champion Omar McLeod has admitted that jumping over hurdles is natural for him. In an interview with the IAAF, McLeod talks about his long-held passion for hurdling and what motivates the Jamaican su (read more)

Calling out practices that do unnecessary harm to others is an exercise in making a culture better, writes Derek Owusu Written By:  Derek Owusu AN HOUR after a violent tantrum iN Argos because he didn’t receive the to (read more)

Jevanni Letford took the opportunity to hand Prince Harry his business card during a visit to Reprezent FM in Brixton. We speak to the confident creative about his experience Written By:  Leah Sinclair Q: Hi Jevanni (read more)

Crown Prosecution Service decide against assault charge of police officer who detained Rashan Charles ACCORDING TO the Crown Prosecution Service, the police officer seen on CCTV forcibly detaining Rashan Charles on the night that he died will not face a charge of common assault. A s (read more)

'I am not in the slightest bit surprised by the affection in which Cyrille was held' Written By:  Garth Crooks GOODBYE MY friend. It was 6:30am when I heard my phone click notifying me that I had a message. (read more)

Mr. Play speaks to Atlanta rapper Silento about his upbringing, new music and more I MET up with Silento last week in London. (read more)

The family of the former footballer player said he's been "misunderstood" FORMER FOOTBALLER and Big Brother contestant John Barnes has come under criticism for comments made during the show, and has been accused of the comments being 'homophobic'. During a conversation (read more)

Would you like to star in Hamilton?

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Critically acclaimed play is holding London auditions HAMILTON are seeking male and female 20-30 year olds from all ethnic backgrounds to potentially star in the musical. They're looking for singers who rap, highly skilled, versatile singers/actors and can move well. (read more)

Jamaica 'safe' despite State of Emergency

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Jamaica's Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett spoke to international media following reports of Jamaica's State of Emergency JAMAICA REMAINS safe for visitors, says the island’s tourism minister. According to The Independent, Edmund Bartlett was responding to the Foreign Offic (read more)



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